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Category Archives: TRANS

I’m making a set of atmospheric, interconnected levels with a plot of sorts and some puzzles, a la Hexen. Naturally enough, news about this as-yet-untitled project is in this category.

Well now I’ve told you about TRANS, it’s only fair to show you some of the work I’ve done on it so far. The shots shown below are from map01 (the creepy abandoned base) – click on them for bigger versions.

hub1_01a hub1_02a hub1_06a
hub1_03a hub1_03a hub1_03a

As it stands, the level’s nearly done – it just needs a bit more polish and some functionality.


Quite a few years ago, I had an idea for a Doom mod. Basically, you’d go around shooting things up and causing mayhem (i.e. the basic premise of Doom) but you’d also have to use your brains a bit, and solve environment-related puzzles, a la Hexen. The difference being that said puzzles would be relevant to the plot, a little more involving than the “pull nine switches” or “get some gems” variety found in Hexen, and actually solvable using intuition and a bit of common sense. Since I had that idea, my rig got upgraded and I found myself unable to play Doom for some reason – so that was that. But after I got a new laptop, I found this one could run it, and having been made redundant recently I had plenty of spare time in which to realise this project.

The plot begins with the military losing contact with a remote, windswept base in the Scottish isles containing an experimental facility deep underground – so they send a squad of marines to investigate. Along the way, a series of strange and gruesome accidents befall your colleagues in the back of the truck; when you arrive at the base, you’re on your own. The base suddenly seems a lot more intimidating now… okay, okay, it’s nothing original, but it’s the execution that counts.

I shall be developing this as and when I have the time for it; each hub will be released as it’s completed, so any interested parties won’t be waiting months, possibly years for a full project to appear that may never get finished.
Watch this space.